Technology Goggles

15 03 2011

We talked about looking at our teaching practices to see what kinds of new things we could do using technology… Check out this TED talk about language acquisition. What began as an interesting study on how children learn became a unique way to harness social media and look at its power. Wow.

Don’t forget to check out the comments — there’s a lesson or two to be learned about rules of comportment and ways to handle discussion!



Games for Change

17 02 2011

I just stumbled across this site and it’s fantastic! What a great collection of game-based learning.

My never-ending to do list…

31 01 2011

SO, this week I will post the following here on the blog:


PPT of extra tech tools that we touched on or skipped

Prezi presention on blogs

Scaffolding for podcasting and Google Earth

video links for LiveScribe Pulse Pen, Mike Wesch videos, Medieval help desk

anything else?


If I told you that I post something and you don’t see it, PLEASE, send me an email and remind me!

Technology Project: The Visions of Students Today – Call for Submissions!

28 01 2011

Check it out! Remember my hero, Dr. Wesch at KSU? He’s putting together a cool project with his students and is asking for your help.

The Visions of Students Today — Call for Submission!

Chicago North weighs in…

28 10 2010

Infographic Chicago N

Cool Math & Science Blogs to Follow

28 10 2010

Math Blogs

dy/dan — Dan Meyer’s mathematics class blog.

American Math Challenge —

World Maths Day —

Science Blogs

BozemanScience –Paul Anderson’s biology blog. Find podcasts about any aspect of biology.



New York Weighs In…

28 10 2010

info graphic