Technology Project: The Visions of Students Today – Call for Submissions!

28 01 2011

Check it out! Remember my hero, Dr. Wesch at KSU? He’s putting together a cool project with his students and is asking for your help.

The Visions of Students Today — Call for Submission!


Mini Grants @ We Are Teachers

28 10 2010

We Are Teachers is offering several grants for teachers… Check it out here.

The 9th Annual Shortie Awards

19 02 2010

Thanks to Bernajean Porter and the ISTE listserv, I can tell you about the Shortie Awards, a film competition for students of all ages.

For more information about rules, entry forms, and examples, check out the website and register.

We Are Teachers Microgrant opportunities

19 02 2010

We Are Teachers is offering a handful of microgrants for technology integration projects.

Be sure to check out the We Are Teachers Blog for other grant opportunities.


8 05 2009

I love Wordle and am always trying to find a way to sneak it in… Seems like I’m not the only one! Check out this article by Terry Freedman that was recently published by Tech & Learning.

Science Wikis

18 04 2009

I came across this book in the junior reference aisle at Barnes & Nobles a few years ago… I’m intrigued by the way Basher and Dingle convey basic chemistry facts through image, accessible writing, and popular culture. I think that it could be the inspiration for an interactive chemistry wiki. (Read Kingfisher’s press release here.)

You can visit Adrian Dingle’s website to find a plethora of materials for chemistry, including links, AP prep, practice questions and much, much more.

Similar books about biology , physics, and astronomy are also available…


Check out this online community of bloggers:

Just for fun, here are some resources that appeal to the English teacher in me that you might be able to use in science class.

Uncle Tungsten: Memories of a Chemical Boyhood

In the Laboratory with Professor Agassiz


How do you use wikis to teach science?

Website Updates

28 03 2009

I am working on adding material to the website… If I promised to share something with you and you don’t see it, please send me a note. (If I don’t write it down, I often forget!)