Podcast Resources

27 10 2010

Here are the podcast examples from today. Boomerang Podcast — http://recap.ltd.uk/podcasting/home/boomerang.php

Untamed Science — http://recap.ltd.uk/podcasting/home/boomerang.php

Grammar Girl — http://grammar.quickanddirtytips.com/

WJJL Radio (Producer). (2006, Dec. 01). Maniac McGee Vodcast. Mill Creek Mr. Jaffe’s Website. Vodcast retrieved from http://www.cbsd.org/millcreek/jaffe/podcast/index.html


Ideas for Using Podcasts in Your Class

“Smoking teenagers can create podcasts for a younger audience that details their regrets of starting smoking along with health risk facts about continued smoking. Final Message: “Don’t Start.”

— Carol James, NH

“Use podcasts for student portfoilio where the student reflects on his learning from K-8 and what he forsees in his HS years.”

— Paula, NH


“Older students record books for younger students to listen to and read.”

–Lauren K, NH

“Students record themselves reading and listen back to hear and critique.”

— Lauren K, NH

“Students who have great stories to tell but cannot type or write as fast as they think can record their stories, then listen and type them.”

— Lauren K, NH


Book reports — option for oral presentations — the students who are painfully shy can record presentations but must answer questions from students live.”

— Lauren K , NH





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