The blog is dead, long live the blog!

26 10 2010

Alan Levine posits that blogs allow us to create a permanent record of our thinking and they have a place. Read more at CogDogBlog.

Here are the student and teacher blogs that I shared with you today:

Savage Book Club —

Blog,blog, blog, blog some more —

English @ Bayside —

SCC English —

Ms. Steiner’s World Geography —

The Conch —

Civil War Sallie —

Billings Beta —

A Passion for Teaching and Opinions —

Gamer’s Spot —

Cool ways to incorporate blogs into the classroom — New Hampshire

Pose a question, a discussion started based on a historical dispute or question. Assign students to groups on different sides of “the” question. Provide a timetable for responses and act as mediator.


QUESTION: Is the Constitution worth supporting? Why? Why not?

GROUPS: Federalists (John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, Samuel Adams) vs. Anti Federalists (Patrick Henry, Edmund Randolph Samuel Adams)

— Patrick Dowsett, Boynton Middle School

Create a timeline blog. Give students a date and ask them to find events around the world that happen at that time. Have students find connections, links, etc.

— Beth Kaputa, Exeter High School

Write your blog from the perspective of a character in a book. Comments could be written from other book characters.

— Kathryn Lyon, Ayershirley Middle School

My 8th graders will do a research project on a WPA wall next to school. I want to have them interview local people and perhaps make a podcast and put it on a blog.

— Judi Lindsey


Assume the identity of a book character or of a person from a time period to respond to blog questions / situational questions.

–Lauren K





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