Six Sounds in Search of an Author: Contest Using Sound Editors

16 10 2009

ISTE is hosting a contest this month. Students must create a short story incorporating sounds…


• You must use all of the sounds.
• You may use a sound more than once.
• You cannot use any other sound effects.
• You can manipulate the six sounds—i.e. trim them, add effects such as changing the pitch or speed.
• Your story must be a minute or less.
• It can be true life, drama, comedy, detective, romance, adventure, action, fantasy, horror, scifi…any genre you want.
• No profanity or use of personal information
• It can have characters and a narrator, just characters, or just a narrator.
• File must be sumbitted as a mp3.

After all submissions are reviewed, ISTE will announce prizes for the following categories:

1. Most unusual setting
2. Best use of the “splash” sound effect
3. Best character voice
4. Best use of a 3 second dramatic pause
5. Participants’ Choice – You vote!

This is a great opportunity to incorporate technology skills into your content, as well as a way to engage students with new avenues for learning.




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