Digital Storytelling

28 05 2009

The easiest way to begin integrating digital storytelling into your classroom is to start by composing your own story to share with students. In this way, you are familiar with the tools and challenges of the assignment. It doesn’t hurt, either, that you are creating a personal hook that will pique your students’ curiosity.

You need a story, media, and story telling tools.

Your story / message should be simple and well crafted. Consider the devices used by your favorite authors when you construct your story. Since digital storytelling can be molded to fit any classroom project or assignment, consider, too, the goal of the assignment. Are you sharing a narrative? Reporting information? Documenting growth?

Gather the media that you intend to use. This may include, but is not limited to images, audio clips, and video clips. You may choose to create your own media with a digital camera and microphone, or you may find free media on the Internet.

Gather your tools. Your students will need access to computers and appropriate software and resources. Consider procuring digital cameras, microphones, a scanner, and access to online resources — many of the sites we use today may be blocked by your school’s network. In addition, talk to your school librarian. S/he can be a great resource who can facilitate your students’ search for media.





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