Science Wikis

18 04 2009

I came across this book in the junior reference aisle at Barnes & Nobles a few years ago… I’m intrigued by the way Basher and Dingle convey basic chemistry facts through image, accessible writing, and popular culture. I think that it could be the inspiration for an interactive chemistry wiki. (Read Kingfisher’s press release here.)

You can visit Adrian Dingle’s website to find a plethora of materials for chemistry, including links, AP prep, practice questions and much, much more.

Similar books about biology , physics, and astronomy are also available…


Check out this online community of bloggers:

Just for fun, here are some resources that appeal to the English teacher in me that you might be able to use in science class.

Uncle Tungsten: Memories of a Chemical Boyhood

In the Laboratory with Professor Agassiz


How do you use wikis to teach science?




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