Small ways to start integrating technology…

17 04 2009

I just got this message from Jack at Brainyflix and it occured to me that this is a perfect way to start small. If you’re worried about the learning curve of a particular technology (esp. for digital storytelling or podcasting…) this is a way to both meet content standards and introduce students to the technology in a limited, non-threatening way.

Hey guys,

The winner of the Brainyflix video contest will be announced on Monday, but in the meantime, I wanted to share some exciting news with you.  Our corporate sponsor was so happy with the videos we received that they are willing to fund more contests.  So we bring to you…


Get your kids to teach each other SAT vocab by making Brainypics, and we’ll give out $$$ to the student and school with the best Brainypic & iTunes prizes for top contributors.  This is called *double-up* because if we receive 4 unique Brainypics for every word on our list of common SAT words, our sponsor has agreed to double the prizes.

— Grand Prize Winner: $100 & $100 for student & school becomes $200 & $200 for student & school.
— Finalists: $10 iTunes gift certificates for the 9 runnerups becomes $10 iTunes gift certificate for 19 runnerups.
— Contributors: 1 iTunes for every 10 Brainypics submitted (good for the first 1000 submissions) becomes 1 iTunes for every 5 Brainypics submitted (good for the 1st 2000 Brainypics submitted).

We’ll count Brainypics that have already been submitted and will do so til May 22nd.  As for how the winners will be determined, we’ll select the Finalists and then the public will vote to determine the grand prize winner.  You can get all the contest details at

P.S. — To help you guys double-up, we’ll show the number of flashcards submitted for each word next to the word itself on this list

Of course, if you have any questions, feel free to message me directly here or email me at





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